Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gearing up for storm season

I went to the National Storm Chaser's Convention last weekend in Denver. It was a real nice time and I met lots of great people. I got to hang out with Reed Timmer and Chris Chittick from http://www.tornadovideos.net/ for a while. They were cool guys and I look forward to seeing them out there on the road this spring. Sorry if I talked your head off Reed! I've been isolated from storms for too long!
My buddy Sean Poling gave me a few pictures from last season so I thought I'd post them here given the lack of storms this time of year. The pictures were taken in Kansas on May 22, 2008. Maybe he will comment on them since I wasn't there (I was still at Snoqualmie Pass, WA at that point). Looks like he intercepted a nice supercell with an RFD dry-slot and a developing tornado. Sean, comment about your storm. (BTW I didn't add all the shots... it appears the storm went HP at some point as one of the shots has a really wet RFD).


  1. 1st pic is a grab from a video. Thats why its so grainy. We were quite far from the action, too. The RFD in front of the funnel, and intracloud lightning off to the right made it a nice capture. Second pic is just a close up of the funnel, RFD in front. The 3rd is from a different cell, that turned HP, and supposedly dropped a tube a few miles NNE of where we were. Certainly created a nice, dry slot at this point.

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