Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 June 2009 Wyoming Tornado

June 5th turned out to be a spectacular tornado day. We left the Denver area during the early afternoon hours and targeted Cheyenne, WY. Storms ended up firing just a tad further north than we expected and we intercepted this storm just as a beautiful wall cloud was present. The tornado developed to our west while we sat on HYW 85 and waited for it to cross the road. The tornado was on the ground for approximately 25 minutes and it crossed the road about 1/8 mile to our north. Our group (TWISTEX) sampled the tornado as it roped out and crossed HWY 85. We had a full deployment surrounding the tornado with mobile mesonets and one of Tim's probes likely took a direct hit. This was a very successful chase day.


  1. Congrats man, good to see you're still around and kickin'!

  2. Did that thing have perfect structure, or what?
    Radar on it looked incredible! Wish I had been there.